• mr Special - Custom order

  • PLEASE NOTE: mrs Jermyn is currently visiting her family for Christmas, and whilst you can place an order now and ship your shirt to her anytime, bears won't be created or shipped back until after her return on January 10th.

    If you have your own special shirt you'd like transformed into a tedi, custom orders are most welcome.

    Various sizes are fine and mrs Jermyn does not discriminate short sleeve shirts either.

    And whatever stains and rips exist on the shirt will be included on the tedi produced, but will not lessen his lovability. 

    If you are not sure weather your shirt has what it takes to become a tedi, do send me a photo first.

    Or just purchase mr Special and I'll send you mrs Jermyn's tedi factory address in Brooklyn asap, so you cand send over your wannabe-tedi-shirt.

    Height 48cm (19inches)
    Width 40cm (16inches)

  • $80.00

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  • mr Special - Custom order
  • mr Special - Custom order
  • mr Special - Custom order

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